iloilo by Jens Lelie

iloilo is a tiny walking sim about a lonely fisher that’s delivering fish to a seemingly abandoned island. 

It’s so quiet on the sea nowadays, makes me wonder if I enjoy it more this way?

The game

Embark on the smallest journey by delivering fish to the island residents.  Run around the island and make sure all fish crates are filled. A rotating mountain in the center of the island sure is an eyecatcher. 


  • A wonderfully crafted island to explore 
  • Small story elements 
  • 100% completionist extra (find all story elements)

How to play

Play with mouse & keyboard or a controller. To interact, press E (for keyboard) or A (for a controller). 

Art, models & music are self-made, follow me on Twitter! If you notice a bug or problem, don’t hesitate to contact me through Twitter! 

(Credits to Trinh Nguyen for the original artwork).

Feel free to leave a comment or review! Please note that the macOS and Linux versions aren’t thoroughly tested. 

Link Source: Click Here