Hypermnesia by Lionel,Leboulanger

Hypermnesia by Lionel,Leboulanger

Hypermnesia is a 2,5D mobile platform game / die and retry in which you get to play as a character experiencing a state of delirium due to an underlying mental illness. He wakes up in a building filled with dangerous spores. To escape from this torment, he will have to find a way out from the building by juggling between avoiding spores and using them to overcome trials and puzzles.

It was a school project, we had to make an Android game. The first version of Hypermnesia is the “finished” APK for the school deadline but we decided to continue and upgrade it, and, at the same time, switch Hypermnesia to  PC platform to get a better overview of the game and give you a PC version for those who can’t play games on their mobile phone.

For the PC version, we made lots of improvements :

– 6 new levels instead of 3 to balance the difficulty of the game
– New cinematics between the levels to add storytelling
– Fixed lots of bugs, collision bugs, animations that didn’t launch well, …
– Change of the school’s light mood

An easter egg is hidden in the game, can you find it ?

We have 3 downloadable files, the two versions of Hypermnesia (PC/Android) and the Game Design Document if you’re interested.

Team members : Alice Andrieu / Arthur Devy / Vincent Lebarbé / Lionel Leboulanger / Marceau Riet / Solenn Ripoteau

You can find us on Arstation : 







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