HUSK by Michaelwolf95

HUSK by Michaelwolf95

The Story

You’ve just inherited the estate of your distant relative, Dr. Hague Shoal, who disappeared nearly a century ago.

His home has been abandoned for decades, and the real-estate company refuses to send any more appraisers. They insist that you go and clear out the property yourself.

What’s the big deal?
What happened to the appraisers?
And what’s that scraping sound coming from the walls?

HUSK is a short, atmospheric horror game taking you through the story of Dr. Shoal, as you uncover his past, and the horror that awaits in his decrepit home.


Walk Arrow Keys,  or W,A,S,D
Interact E
Pause Escape

About the Project

Our goal with HUSK was to create an unsettling,  creepy experience, that’s accessible for people who can’t handle jump-scares.

This project was originally started as a Halloween Game Jam project for our small community discord server,  “McSingles”.  After the jam, we continued to develop it further, resulting in what you see today!

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