Huldufólk by RBD Interactive, David Sound Wizard

Huldufólk was made for the Folk Horror Jam

You play as an archeologist that is hired to survey a build site, to confirm it doesn’t include any ancient artifacts. Before you do that, you spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast where the host warns you of Huldufólk, a Faroese folklore.



Mouse : Look

WASD : Move

Left Click : Interact


@Renderbydavid : Code, Modeling, Animation, Story

@davidsoundwizard : Music, SFX

@Ivan.FlorenciaGames : Modeling

@ScrufflesBear : Voice of B&B Host

@Rirasab#4509  –  Nicholas Hellyer : Voice of Player

@Creepyrebel : Itch Cover Image

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