Hounds of Valor by DogatWorkGames

Hounds of Valor is a character action game starring a sword wielding dog battling monsters in a single player adventure. The game-play utilizes fast paced combat in a fantasy world where dogs are the heroes.

Inspiration comes from the ps2 classics Okami and God of War.

What is in this Demo?

I am calling this a Vertical Slice of the game, it has the near final visuals, base combat , level structure and a boss fight. I have remixed the first mission of the game to create a quick ~15 minute showcase of my work so far. The current build is missing some sound effects like enemy movement, some attacks and boss music.

Hounds of Valor is still in development and feedback is critical for refinement and evolution, all is welcome. I will continue to update this page as development progresses.

As a dog you have melee attacks like light, heavy and bash, each of these have different functions when held down, chained together or used mid air. Experiment as there are quite a lot of them in the game already! Psst, try holding heavy attack while at the apex of a double jump! 

Read more on my website http://www.dogatworkgames.com/houndsofvalor/

What is to Come

I have been working on this game for over 3 years in my spare time from a full time job. Now Hounds of Valor is ready to be seen on a larger scale!

I post development on my Twitter and Facebook accounts so please follow me there too. If you have any questions feel free to ask or message me. I always like to learn and help where I can.

 Any shares to others can help tremendously to get the word out.

Install instructions

The download is a simple Unity executable. Unzip and run HoundsofValor.exe

System Requirements

This is a full 3d game with pretty heavy graphics so not every machine may be able to run it well. Lowering the graphics settings and disabling grass may help. I will be able to determine minimum/recommended specs after further feedback and testing.

On my laptop I am able to hold 60fps 1080p  save for some frame drops that I am in the process of fixing.  I am playing on a Intel i7-6700HQ cpu and a Geforce GTX 1060 gpu. Please report any odd looking graphics or poor performance. You can do so here.

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