HorrorTales Episode one: The House. by TerrorFuelGames

You Have Moved Into A strange House A few months ago. it was Fine, But Now things are starting to take a dark turn… You hear Noises all around your house, everywhere you go. They Become louder and louder each day. You Have Nightmares Of It… A strange figure watching your every move. Always Watching. After A few weeks of this occurring. You Become alarmed. But Now It’s too late. You’re in their world now and Your biggest fear Of the strange figure Is now reality. Is there any way Of getting out? Who knows…

HorrorTale is a series of short horror games Made All by me. TerrorFuelGames. The Series Will continue to run As Long As The Fans Of TerrorFuelGames Love It and would like to see more. 

Some Info Before you play: Some things might be broken If you find any glitches or bugs let me know so I can update it.

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