Honey Sweet Lies by fyshku productions

Michiru Hoshikawa, a 3rd-year student and president of the Tea Party Club, has a wonderful fun-filled life. Every day after school she gets to meet with her friends, drink tea and eat cake, and chat. What could be better? 

But, ever since the start of the year, something has been off with her bestest friend, Aoi. Michiru can’t figure out what is wrong, but she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Honey Sweet Lies is a psychological horror mystery visual novel project. Throughout the game, you have 5 opportunities to ask various characters questions. But, be aware of getting too close to the truth, as some truths can be too hard to handle.

Pay attention to the World Warning System; a sign that you’re getting close to an unwanted truth, and to proceed and make decisions carefully.

Check the official website for more info.


  • Graphic depictions of violence, blood
  • Flashing lights, sudden loud noises, and eyestrain
  • Bullying and verbal abuse, strong language
  • Tense and stressful atmosphere


  • Seven endings; three Bad Endings, two Dark Endings, one True Ending, and one Good Ending
  • The World Warning System; a large warning that lets you know you’re getting close to an unwanted truth and to proceed with your questioning carefully
  • Playtime is approximately 30 minutes
  • Original story, art, and backgrounds
  • Available for Windows and Mac

If you support me for 5$ USD+, you get a bundle including production notes + original concept art and sketches, a PDF with bonus original artwork, and a sneak peak at concepts for future games (including Honey Sweet Lies 2!!!)

This is my first visual novel project (and coding attempt) ever, and I hope you enjoy it!

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