Holy Smokes – DEMO by Milkbar Lads

How low can you go?

In the innermost reaches of the Earth’s core lies the land of the Underworld, the province of the damned.  Since the dawn of humanity, souls deemed not worthy of Paradise have been sent to that dark place to suffer, each becoming a part of the King of the Underworld’s ever-expanding army with the goal of one day seizing the riches of the heavenly world above.

Holy Smokes is an arcade rogue-like adventure to the Underworld where you use bombs to blast your way downwards, obliterate enemies, and collect precious gems. You play as Faith, a newly recruited angel tasked with a very special assignment to destroy the King of the Underworld before he is able to begin his conquest of your homeworld, Paradise. Will you be able to defeat the Demon King? How low can you go before you meet your end?

Milkbar Lads

Jack programs the game and does the environmental art

Major makes the music for the game

Ace designs and draws all the characters

Gel does all the miscellaneous art for the game

and Loud designs enemies and draws them!


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