Hide from Fears (PC, Mac) by bolmebrig

Your mom has left you in her car to retrieve items she has forgotten while at a friend’s house. You’re all alone in the car… well, not completely alone. You’re stuck with your best pal, a toy plushy that no one can identify what exactly it is. Make careful decisions and avoid doing something regrettable… What is outside the window?Relive your childhood fear of being alone in a car.. I guess.

Bolmebrig’s: Hide From Fears is a playable teaser showcasing the potential regarding both sound design as well as graphic and visual aspects. In other words, this game is a canon introduction into Bolmebrig’s horror universe. “Hide from Fears” is a tease for upcoming events therefore it is short and is the first installment. The game has approximately 20 minutes playtime at max while achieving all possible outcomes.

The game’s engine is Ren’Py, therefore jumpscares as well as certain other features may not function effectively as of this moment. Keep in mind that this game has been developed in only three days, which includes the graphics, backgrounds, music, sound effects and code, therefore excuse any mistakes which may have slipped past the testing phase.

This game contains:

  • Flashing images
  • Minor jumpscares
  • Disturbing images
  • Sound effects some may find unsettling

Ending checklist:

  • Deaths (x3)
  • Alternative Ending: Just Another Nightmare
  • Alternative Ending: Hiding from Fears
  • True Ending: Nightmare Friends Forever


Please make sure to report any bugs or issues to @bolmebrig on Twitter.

Install instructions


1. Right click and Extract the .zip file to your Desktop
2. Open up the main folder. Inside you will find two versions for the game, one for PC and one for Mac.
(Suggestion: Delete the version which your operating system does not support)
3. Open the version which you can run, and open the BOLMEBRGISHIDEFROMFEARS.exe file.
4. The game should start up and you can experience it for yourself.

Link Source: Click Here