Hell Hunt – RD2020 Special Edition by T19Games

Hell Hunt is a new retro FPS inspired by 90s shooter like Quake1, Blood, tells the story of a Demon Hunter entering hell for revenge. Lots of classic elements such as key cards, secret areas, no health regeneration, a large arsenal would be in it. Meanwhile, Hell Hunt also has a modern skill-based FPS mechanic, such as powerful attack abilities, special movement abilities, upgradable weapon systems,  etc.

Hell Hunt<Demo> special edition is a build for Realms Deep 2020 Boomercon. Includes the original campaign and a new mode: Guardian Mode. Also fixed some bugs and improved gameplay.

[New content] Guardian Mode:

Guardian Mode similar to survival mode. You have just 2 tasks in the Guardian Mode level: First, to guard the blue crystal in the center of the level against the demons coming from the portals.  Second, don’t die. 

Features: you can use your score to exchange for different types of items
1. Restore the health of the crystal(Blue)
2. Summon a defender(Yellow)
3. Damage up(Red)

Note: Guardian mode is not an infinite survival mode! The tenth wave is the last wave.

 Good luck! Have fun!

Version includes:

First 2 levels of episode one

2 Guardian Mode missions<New>

Original game site: https://t19games.itch.io/hellhunt

Wishlist on steam: Hell Hunt steam page

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