Headbangers vs. Christmas Elves by Pert “Vikerlane” S.

Headbangers vs. Christmas Elves by Pert "Vikerlane" S.

Holiday season. And you’ve enough of these damn elves popping up everywhere.

Finally, you can fight back in Headbangers vs Christmas Elves.

8 weapons to unleash, 6 areas to explore and plenty of secrets to discover.


Play as Headbanger Dude, protecting your house from waves of annoying Christmas elves.

As you progress, elves will get stronger, so exploring new areas will give you access to new and more powerful weapons.


Pert “Vikerlane” Soomann

Coding, Art, Voice Acting

Reign of Fury

feat. BisonJon PriestleyJoey JaycockMagic DaveChris Musgrove

Tracks Addiction Hymn and Haunt The Murderer taken from Exorcise Reality LP with permission from the band.

Songs written and arranged by Reign of Fury.
Mixed by Jon Priestley & Mastered by James Livett.

Chris Eams


Studio engineer for voice over session

Controls – keyboard and mouse

Movement WASD or arrow keys
Aim Mouse
Shoot Left mouse button
Dodge Right mouse button

Controls – gamepad

Movement Left stick
Aim Right stick
Shoot Right trigger / R2
Dodge Left trigger / L2

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