Happy Mikey by Nzquare

Hey guys! Let me introduce you Mike, the happy boy!

This game is made within 48hrs for Global Game Jam 2020 “Repair”

Mike need to repair all the broken statue to find his parents.
Hope you enjoy this video game! if you have any suggestion, please feel free to comment below.

ps. don’t forget to help him repair his diary

Global Game Jam page : https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/happy-mikey-9

Credits: Yutthana Chankreua – Game Director, Game Developer, 3D Artist, Animator
Nij Thanatit – Game Design, Story/Narrative, Character Design, UX/UI Design, 2D Artist
Wirachat Kesaporn – Level Design, Video Editor
Natthaphon Jittaviriyavong – 3D Artist, Level Design

Link Source: Click Here