Hank’s Voyage by Just Games Ltd


In the year of 1948, a group of talented jazz musicians formed the Jazz Association of Secret Spies, also known as JASS. Their main directive: maintain world peace at all costs. As one of their agents goes missing in Egypt they send Hank, their most recent hire, to investigate what they believe to be a routine mission.

Join Hank in his journey to Giza as he unravels secret conspiracies and sheds light on ancient mysteries. Help him to sneak past his enemies, use his hat gadget to solve different puzzles, and gain different powers that will help him make his way through 5 different locations.

Inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era, the 1950’s jazz scene, and Ancient Egyptian mythology, Hank’s Voyage combines platforming with stealth and sci-fi elements mingled with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.


  • Fight your way through 5 distinct worlds featuring hand-drawn characters and environments.
  • Experience an original, atmospheric soundtrack with jazzy vibes.
  • Use your hat as a multi-purpose gadget to solve various puzzles.
  • Collect hats to unlock unique powers.
  • Sneak past and outwit your enemies.
  • Test your skills in several different mini-games.
  • Find hidden treasures and unlock secret levels.
  • Endure an offbeat story with colorful characters and a comic book style.

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Install instructions

1. Download the zip file.

2. Extract.

3. Run the executable file to play.

4. On Mac, follow the instructions here.

– We recommend that you play the game using an XBOX controller if you have one.

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