Gunborg by Rickard Paulsson

Gunborg by Rickard Paulsson

Demo version

This is a demo of Gunborg. The final game will have a price, and it will be released in spring 2021.

Looking for feedback

I will read all the comments I get, and you are welcome to e-mail me feedback at: [email protected]

What is the game about?

Take on an army of alien soldiers and killer robots while making your way through a giant battleship.


  •  Skill based arcade-style gameplay. 
  •  3 difficulty settings
  •  Play using mouse and keyboard, or using an xbox controller.
  •  All enemy weapons can be picked up by the player.
  •  Power-ups temporarily super charge your weapons.
  •  Smooth gameplay and fluid animation. 


  • Windows 10
  • Please let me know if the game is not working properly for you.

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