Good Dog by Marafrass

Good Dog by Marafrass

Spend a day at your workplace, cheering up patients at the hospital. Wag your tail, smooch and cuddle to lift spirits, but be aware that not everyone responds the same way to every interaction! Find the appropriate one for each patient and cheer them up.

  • Run around
  • Bark at people (goodly)
  • Wag your tail, lick and cuddle 
  • Support a worthy cause
  • Be good

GOOD DOG is a charity microgame made over a few weeks for fun – it’s completely free to play, but any and all money you may choose to donate will go directly to charity. Currently, we’re donating to:

DIRECT RELIEF to aid COVID-19 Relief in India, and

REBUILDING ALLIANCE for their Gaza Emergency Relief Fund and to help rebuild homes in Palestine.


Game by:

@marafrass & @rnoelliams

Door Sound by JakLocke

“Fretless” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Stock photos of dogs by Angel Luciano and Ryan Stone

Everything else licensed under Creative Commons or made by marafrass!

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