Glitchphobia by biszop, ImaginaryBlend

Glitchphobia by biszop, ImaginaryBlend

Immerse yourself into unstable reality.
In order to get out you must exploit glitch in a world around you.
You can be sure of one thing, any rules you known no longer exist!!
Do you have a courage to dip in it?

The Glitchphobia  was created in one week during Epic MegaJam 2018. Currently it’s a showcase of it’s full potential. As you read it, we are already in a process of making a full-fledged title out of it. 

All yours feedback and support means a lot to us! You can also follow us on Twitter  to be up to date with the full version of the Glitchphobia . 

ApplyDamage team members:

  • Krystian Komisarek – Code
  • Łukasz Purcelewski – Code
  • Jakub Janik – Animation
  • Justyna Leszczyńska “Kiao” – Art

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