Ghost Town’s 999th Annual Pumpkin Festival by adamgryu

Welcome to Scenic Ghost Town! There’s nobody here.™

…And that’s why we need you! Mayor Bones invites you, your friends, your relatives, and literally anyone else you can drag along to come and take part in the celebration!

Carve pumpkins!

There’s a frightening lack of jack-o-lanterns this year, and that’s why we’re recruiting you to make some!

Show them off on the World Wide Web!

Once you’ve finished your creation, bring it to the festival and share it with the world!

Attract ghosts!

It wouldn’t be a ghost town without ghosts! Maybe if we get enough pumpkins, we can get this festival really haunted!

Spooky regards,
Mayor Bones


  • Each player can upload up to three pumpkins to the server.
  • The online portion of the game will only be available for a limited time. The server will probably go down a few weeks after Halloween.
  • This was thrown together a little fast, so sorry if there’s still a few bugs!


  • Created by Adam R.
  • Concept and art by Dawn B.
  • All icons in the game were created by Smashicons, from
  • Many textures, models, and sounds are from CC0 and other free sources, detailed in the in-game credits.


This is an online game. Any data you upload is probably not secure, so please don’t provide any personal information in a pumpkin name or on the pumpkin itself. The only other information this game will collect is a unique device identifier to keep track of your user activity.

Link Source: Click Here