Get Hide – Chapter 1 by J-Tech Studio

Get Hide - Chapter 1 by J-Tech Studio

From the creator of the game played by a lot of youtubers like PewDiePie, Markiplier, Yamimash, Alanzoka, jacksepticeye and others.
A brand new game: Get Hide – Chapter 1

It’s your first day at work with simple tasks to do, but what appeared to be a normal workday, it became into a chaos.

“A family coming from nowhere, radio noises, a missing person, a beast hunting us, it seems a nightmare to me.”

Remember, their lives are in your hands now. Pay attention in your decisions. A simple yes as answer can change the course of the story.

There is a lot of possible endings and a lot of different actions.

Don’t forget to use traps to defend yourself

Key Features:

  • Different dialogues and actions according to your choices
  • A lot of possible endings
  • Create more than one save game.
  • Easy control
  • Key remapping (to play as you want)
  • Controller compability

Last but not least. If you want to translate the game to your language, use the, create your own and send to us and I’ll put in the next update.

The game supports English (EN) and Portuguese(PT-BR) 
the game detects the system language and change automatically.

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