Fuzzy Road Home by bitter

After a timid sheep, a bookworm goose, and a heroic bunny camp out a storm, they wake up in a strange new world full of skateboards, carnivals, manga and hot dogs! Welcome to Fuzzy Road Home – a quirky RPG about a buncha gay furs just tryin to get home! Join the poly relationship of Peep, Juice, and Honey on their comedic quest back to a warm bed!

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Warning! This game contains imagery which may not be suitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy! Please take care of yourself <3!



   3 cute goobers you’ll play as throughout the game, each with their own unique character arc!

   A short, charming story featuring a goofy cast of characters with quirky designs and personalities!

   Experience the beginning of the prophesied war between Mains and Inverts: in this world, there are two sides to every coin… sometimes even three… er, well, no, by definition coins only have two sides, but, uh, er-

   jpeg the horse. yep.

   A pretty neat art style + an even MORE neat original soundtrack which got left in the sun for a bit too long and now it’s starting to smell, ehhh…

   Get gripped by the metaphysical tentacles of the legendary hexapus!

   A whole lotta red slices of strawberry pie to gobble down which may or may not lead to a secret ending! :3


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✨If you enjoy the game, please leave a rating, it helps a lot!✨

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