Froggy Shelf by Milo Smiley

Froggy Shelf is a casual experience inspired by the devs’ love for Animal Crossing and the froggy chair meme

The game is simple: put your froggies on the shelf! When you’re happy with your shelf, take a photo to finish 🙂


  • over 5 unique, stackable froggies to place on your shelf 
  • tons of potential froggy combos 
  • saveable froggy photo in wallpaper dimensions 


Milo Smiley – Co-creator, programmer, 2-D / 3-D art

Mattie Rosen – Co-creator, SFX, Composer, 2-D / 3-D art

Joey Tan, Haley Tomaszewski, Michelle Olson – 3-D art

Link Source: Click Here