Fostering Apocalypse by Incisor Studios, Mauricio Castillo, toothmonster

The world has ended once before, and there are those who aim to end it again. The demon summoned to embark this second apocalypse is only a child, and a woman who has lost it all resolves to save her. A pay-what-you-want, half-hour long narrative game with survival gameplay elements and branching paths.

The year is 19XX. The world has been lost to a demon apocalypse, the remnants of this devastation staining the landscape and leaving mere dozens of people alive. The wastes are harsh, and camaraderie is hard to come by. You play as Del, a bruiser who patrols the wastes in her truck. She’s hardened by this dead world, but something softer lies beneath her violent exterior.

Despite the destruction of it all, there are those in the end of the world who feel that perhaps the first time didn’t quite take. On an average patrol, Del spots a pillar of fire in the distance and the source of it can only be one thing: demons have been summoned once more. But even demons can be innocent. Barrett is no more than a child, and those left in the world are either out to get her, or to control her.

Fostering Apocalypse is pay what you want, but there is more to enjoy if you donate.

  • At the $5 tier, get five 4K desktop wallpapers & hi-res phone backgrounds of in-game environments, as well as the game cover by Nathaniel Santore.
  • At the $10 tier, receive the above, as well as the original soundtrack by Ian Laurence, including each track of the game as well as original album art.
  • At the $20 tier, receive all of the above, as well as an Art Book PDF that includes concept art, sketches, process documentation, and in-game assets.

Fostering Apocalypse is the debut game of Incisor Studios, a game dev studio founded by Steff Bradley & Mauricio Castillo Rodríguez. Made in the span of four months.

Narrative Direction & Art Assets
Steff Bradley

Mauricio Castillo Rodríguez

Sound Design
Cristian Ayala

Ian Laurence

Game Cover
Nathaniel Santore

Special Thanks
Mark Sable & Jim Rugg
SVA MFA Visual Narrative

Daniel Rodríguez
Anna Marcelo

Made with Unity, YarnSpinner, & FMOD.

Contact and press: [email protected]

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