Forgotten School / 忘れられた学校 by Azaxor

Forgotten School / 忘れられた学校 by Azaxor

Forgotten School / 忘れられた学校 is a short atmospheric Japanese VHS aesthetic horror game with a deeper meaning.

Average playtime around 10-15 minutes depending on how much you explore the game world with the camera to uncover secrets, the game was made in a week.

Best played in resolution 1920×1080.

The game plays as a walking simulator, but you do have a unique camera mechanic.

Story: Japanese school girl Akiyo shows up at her school in the morning, but it would seem that everyone is gone. Through her video camera she always keeps on her, she discovers a hidden dimension unseen to the naked eye.


WASD = Movement

Left Shift = Run

E = Look through camera

R = Pickup & Use battery

Be kind

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I’ve decided to continue this series next game and will be more fleshed out & longer!

Created by Aza Game Studio.

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