Folded Tale by NeroAngelo

Folded Tale by NeroAngelo

Game Description

Folded Tale is Physic-Based Puzzle Game with an interesting gameplay mechanic, with charming aesthetics and Tale


A smart and creative “Little Slime” he lived on “Slime Village”.  A village well known for their people that worked in the mines.

Little Slime didn’t like to work like the others, instead he always  was seen creating new things, with the purpose to help others in the village.

But one day all other slimes were sick about his “work evasion” and started to insult and asked him to work like they do. In that moment Little Slime knew that he wasn’t apreciated there, that brute force isn’t the only way to work.

So Little Slime decided to left his village, because he wasn’t well received. Regardless he wanted to help them, he will comeback with new things to persuade, with that in mind he began an adventure to make that dream come true.


The main theme of the game is “Folding”,  the gameplay is based on this. You can fold the “page” Horizontally or vertically, in one direction Up, Down, Left or Right.  The page will fold and move the Player to the other side of the page, keeping physics properties from before, like speed.


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