Fiscal Jesters by Kyatt/Impostor Cat Games

Fiscal Jesters by Kyatt/Impostor Cat Games

This game is a work in progress.

Who are the Fiscal Jesters? Think of them as rodeo clowns, but instead of wild bulls, they corral unsorted piles of change. Anybody can be a Fiscal Jester, which is why the competition is so fierce!

Fiscal Jesters is a 1-4 player puzzle game inspired by 90s upside-down puzzlers such as Magical Drop and Money Idol Exchanger. Choose a jester, sort your coins, and bury your opponents under an avalanche of skulls!

Match coins in your pile to exchange them for bigger coins (ie: group 5 adjacent pennies, and the rightmost one on the lowest row will turn into a nickel). Try chaining these exchanges to send devastating garbage rows to your opponents. Chains are also worth more points in single player mode.

By default, the keyboard controls player 1, but this can be changed in the settings menu. Further control customizations will come in a future build.

Gamepad controls (Xbox buttons)

LEFT: Move to the left
RIGHT: Move to the right
DOWN/RT/LT: Advance next row of coins
A: Grab coins from pile
X: Throw held coins onto pile
START: Pause game
Y: Open settings menu

Keyboard controls

LEFT/A: Move to the left
RIGHT/D: Move to the right
DOWN/S/L/Z: Advance next row of coins
K/X: Grab coins from pile
J/C: Throw held coins onto pile
P/ESCAPE: Pause game
ENTER: Open settings menu

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