Fireflies by Play Fireflies

In the eternal darkness of space and time, faint memories roam in limbo, memories lost and at the same time forgotten by many.
In our mind we keep every kind of fragment and essence of who we are, but at various times our path can be corrupted. We all have some kind of trauma in our lives, some so strong that they can paralyze us for many years if we allow it, and many of these pains, at an extremely critical level, turn into our own blindness, or what we might call psychosomatic blindness.
A special child, the daughter of a couple whose mother was afraid to expose her to the world because she thought others would have a hard time accepting her.
Your father is a brute, proud man who always wanted to have a son instead of a daughter because he had the desire to carry on his legacy and family. Protected by her parents and out of touch with the outside world, the child grew up and occupied her days with drawing, writing, and reading books, which her own mother taught her.
Disregarded by her father’s aggressive attitude, she had a somewhat disturbed childhood, had no friends, played with everything she found ahead and often created hiding places to avoid any punishment.
One day during a discussion of the couple, their father loses control and assaults his mother who in turn tries to defend herself along with her daughter’s help, but their efforts were in vain, causing a tragedy.
It was not known how much time had passed, days or even hours, when the girl woke up she was caught in captivity by her own father. Time passed and things started to get darker for the child.
There were no more dreams, just nightmares and panic attacks.
At dawn with a lot of crying and little hope to realize that she had become a prisoner and would never leave the her own mind, the child saw through the window some fireflies.
At the time, she was jealous of such freedom, but she was also comfortable, for those fireflies brought a little light into all that darkness.
How such a small green light made all the difference in that situation and that’s when that vision gave her an idea.

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