Fever Cabin (Demo) by FoleyX90

Fever Cabin (Demo) by FoleyX90

  • Make sure you read the “How Do” in order to understand what to do to survive
  • I’m still working on this game so I would LOVE any feedback or criticism to make it better!

Survive an anxiety inducing and challenging night by making sure the zombies and other creatures stay out of the cabin.

This game is currently a work in progress and will consist of 5 increasingly challenging nights you must survive. Make sure your ammo is stocked & your batteries are replenished and always listen for the horrors trying to make their way into your cabin.

Made in Unreal Engine 4

How Do:

Kill zombies before they get in by shooting them through the windows.

You can find batteries & ammo in the supply room.

If the power goes out, you must restart the generator.

Listen carefully for the lurker. If you hear furniture scraping the floor, run immediately to the dresser to scare him off. You’ll want to push the dresser back into place by interacting with it.

Good luck and thanks for playing 🙂

RMB – Aim
LMB – Shoot

E – Interact
F – Flashlight
R – Reload
Shift – Sprint

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