Faerie Afterlight by claygamestudio

 Faerie Afterlight is a platformer-metroidvania video game where player controls both 2 characters simultaneously. The second character helps the main character by interacting with the game world and controlling enemies.

It is all written in the book of light. There was a prosperous land named Lumina. This land blessed with glorious light and peace. Far above, there was a source of light called Lucentia protected by million fairies. It grants the power of light that sustaining any living form on the world below. But one day, the dark power once arise and try to destroy Lucentia. The dark evil named Kradyrev was thrived to blow the source of light into pieces. The evil was gone. But the world below became precarious and braced with darkness. Wispy, a young fairy, tried to chase a large piece of Lucentia but ended up falling to the underworld of Lumina. Then he met Kimo, a little mythical creature that is always alone in the bottom world. They later became friends and continue the journey to find other pieces of Lucentia. Nobody knows what would it be the land of Lumina without the light power of Lucentia. But it is also written in the book that the Hero of Light will come to save the world from eternal darkness.

This game is recommended to play with a controller.

Controls – XBox Controller

  • Move Kimo: Left Stick
  • Jump: A
  • Attack: X
  • Move Wispy: Right Stick
  • Interact: hold RB

Controls – Keyboard

  • Move Kimo: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: X
  • Attack: C
  • Move Wispy: WASD
  • Interact: hold V or Space




  • Trailer: Path of Light by Rekso Firmansyah
  • Main Menu: Million Journey by Rekso Firmansyah
  • Main BGM: Moonlight Flying by Eric Matyas
  • Boss Battle: Gunner Fight taken from Unity 2D Game Kit

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