Expedition by WeeweeLSP

Expedition by WeeweeLSP

The game : 

Expedition is a game where you play as Edward Coleman, a journalist in search of fame. On the trail of an expedition that turned to a complete disaster, he will discover a facet of reality that he would have wished to never know.

The game was created during a 6 weeks work project included in a training given at “Technocité Mons” in Belgium.

This prototype carries the main intention of a possible long-term production: a survival-horror with narrative intentions inspired by the work of H.P Lovecraft: At the Mountains of Madness.

The team : 

Project manager / Game designer / Sound designer : Thomas Wostyn
Game designer / Artist : Samuel Props
Game designer : Lionel Godineau
Developer : Julien Jumeau
Developer : Kevin Cardoen
Artist : Jeremy Alen

Special thanks to Vanwijmelbeke Kevin for the penguin model

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