Enlightened by wojciecham

You find yourself in the hotel not knowing how you get there. The place seems empty, but only at the first glance…

Will you solve the mystery? Or would you be happy just to run away alive? There are things that are better left unknown…

Enlightened is a mix 3D game with 2D pixel art characters.

Game contains scenes of violence and gore. Though made with pixel art, it can still feel disturbing.

About the project

Enlightened… is not dead! After 4 years of being in forgotten project limbo I’ve made remake of the demo with changing visual style of the game. I’ve created everything from scratch (one or two 2D graphics survived?). The whole core have been rewritten. The previous version lacked actual gameplay and was more like teaser. Now you can taste what enlightened is truly about.

This is the moment of truth for enlightened. If you see the project worth diving into, then give me a sign. If not… let it drown in 1 star hell…


Game is focused on solving puzzles, exploring locations, putting all pieces of what happened together while keeping yourself alive from threat. 

Solve puzzles created by the fan of the escape rooms,

Find the clues about what happened and why are you here,

Explore multi floor hotel with variety of rooms,

Survive the horrors that exists there,

Experience disturbing scenes from nightmares created in pixel art,

Where from here?

The project finally gained speed and I see clear road ahead of me with development. But – what I know from  experience – there is no point on pushing something if there is one eager to play it. So now, remake of the demo is live.

Thank you for playing!


Install instructions

Zip contains all required files. Unpack it, and double click .exe file.

Your PC needs to have Directx11. You may experience performances issues on integrated video cards.
Tested on GeForce GTX 1050Ti with 60fps.

Link Source: Click Here