Dungreed (Demo) by team_horay

Dungreed (Demo) by team_horay

Playable Demo is available.

You can Download below. 🙂


Dungreed is 2D side-scrolling action game with a Rogue-LITE element.

Prologue :

 Suddenly, strange structures appeared in the peaceful village. It was a dungeon! And the dungeon swallowed and destroyed everything in the village. You must rebuild the village and explore the dungeon. Go in to the dungeon, against potential dangers and rescue villagers to solve the problem.

 There is no checkpoint. When you are falling, you come back to the village. Learn and grow to reach deep in to the dungeon.

 Get help from rescued villagers, and native people in the dungeon. They will surely help you!

Key Features :

 – Procedurally generated, but elaborately designed level.
 – Growth system to help dungeon exploration
 – From obsolete sword to high-tech sniper rifle, various weapons and magic items
 – Food pixel art to enhance your appetite!
 – Rebuild the village
 – Various themes in the dungeon such as prison, jungle, lava-zone
 – Monsters, traps, and BOSSES

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