Drunken Dad Simulator by robaer

Drunken Dad Simulator by robaer


Team: Naturtrüb
Projecttitel: Drunken Dad Simulator
Genre: Sandbox
Perspective: Third-Person
Target audience: 16+
Gamemode: Singleplayer
Platforms: PC
Controls: Gamepad
Engine: Unreal

Game Vision
In DrunkenDadSimulator you play a drunken bear who has to look for his beer bottles on a children’s birthday party. Here he leaves a lot of chaos and all kinds of strange things happen.

• Third-Person (e.g. Octodad, Conker’s Bad Fur Day)
• Anthropomorphic (e.g. Meet the Feebles, Super Lucky’s Tale)
• Sandbox (e.g. Goat Simulator)

Robert Kram (Production)
Denny Jonas (Technical Art)
Steven Drust (Enviroment Art)
Roger Kellerhals (3D Art)
Benjamin Krall (Programming)

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