Don’t Trust by vvrvvd, Martka, killjoke, frott12, Matek

Don't Trust by vvrvvd, Martka, killjoke, frott12, Matek

The game is about a boy who was home alone. He downloads a game on his phone and starts playing it.  As a player, you make choices consequently affecting the ending. There are three possible endings – bad, good and easter-egg ending. Would you manage to find them all?

The game was made in 48h for Sensei Game Jam 2020 and took the 1st place in the main category. The theme of the jam was “Don’t trust the game”.


  • (WASD + Mouse) – character movement
  • LMB – interaction in the game
  • Space – interaction in the phone
  • F – show/hide the phone in hand
  • C- show/hide the phone on face

The game was made by BroWar Collective:

  • Klaudia Sagan
  • Marta Rutkowska
  • Wiktor Rott
  • Fryderyk Rott
  • Miłosz Matkowski

Royalty Free Music:

Suzuki’s Theme by Endless Love (from Youtube Audio Library)

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