Dodgeball Dungeon by Warkus

Dodgeball Dungeon by Warkus

What if Dodgeball, but as a wave-based Third-Person-Shooter? This is Dodgeball Dungeon. Fight against waves upon waves of enemies, always trying to survive longer, chasing your next Highscore. 

Get stronger and stronger with each wave and choose the stats that fit your playstyle. Want to hit enemies across the whole map? Or would you rather be swift and nimble?


CONTROLS (also shown in-game):

– Movement: WASD

– Throw Ball: Left Mouse Button

– Dash: Right Mouse Button (while moving)

– Jump: Space

– Pick up Ball: E

– Accept (Menu): F

– Mute Music: M

– Toggle Fullscreen: Enter


@warrrkus (Twitter) for news and updates


This is a solo developer project. The game was made for the 13th ScoreSpace Game Jam in ~72 hours. All assets where either created during the jam or are CC0-Licensed, gathered from various sources, with the following exceptions:

Font: DigitalDisco by Font End Dev (CC BY 4.0)

Link Source: Click Here