Do Not Pass Go by MicroHorrorArcade

Do Not Pass Go by MicroHorrorArcade

Back when Dave Microwaves Games and I released our “Dave & Jay’s Microwave Horror Arcade Bundle I” bundle, I promised that I’d create three parody horror games if our bundle reached a certain amount raised in the first week of release, and it did.

My first two parody games were “dP.T.” and “Slendy Something…” – I now introduce my final parody game (probably ever): Do Not Pass Go!

Do Not Pass Go is a horror game parodying the board game of Monopoly. It’s nothing like the actual board game. Your friends want to play Cursed Monopoly again and it’s your job to survive the game and go on with your life. The objective is to collect 200 dollars and pass Go. If you can do this, then you win the game!

Good luck! This game was actually made in about four days as a sort-of therapy after working so hard on Boofie’s Birthday Adventure, so it’s pretty short!

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