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As we continue to roll on with our month-long coverage of Disintegration, the upcoming single- and multiplayer shooter from V1 Interactive, today we’re uncorking the other side of the package: the tactically chaotic five-versus-five multiplayer.In the video above, you can watch an entire match of Disintegration’s Control multiplayer mode – a classic three-point game type where two teams of five squads must take a point, drive out enemies long enough to capture it, and hold it to accrue points. There are three total objective points to fight over and the first team to reach the point total wins. Simple enough.

Fair warning: the footage above was captured from an early build of multiplayer so these assets aren’t final and you may spot a slight hiccup that hadn’t been ironed at the time of recording. Game development is a process.But Disintegration puts a fairly unique spin on the multiplayer formula thanks to its mechanics. If you checked out our extensive Disintegration hands-on preview earlier this month, you’ll know how important your squad of AI companions are to finding success in the campaign. Why? Well, in addition to focusing fire on the targets you mark and moving to locations you assign them, each squad member brings a unique ability to the battle that you can use on cooldown in order to lock down enemies and generally unleash destruction.

Only your ground crew units can physically capture the point.

The same goes for multiplayer, except in multiplayer only your ground crew units can physically capture the point. This means you’ve got to protect them so they can plant the flag, so to speak. It doesn’t matter if you kill everyone on the objective – if all your squad members are dead, you’re going to have to collect their smoldering brain cans before the respawn timer starts and then wait for them to drop back in before you can secure the point. Keep them safe. They are precious.

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Unlike the campaign mode – which sees you upgrade your gravcycle and squad members as the story progresses through each mission – in multiplayer you choose from a cast of crews that each come with their own name, style, ground crew, strengths and weaknesses, and unique weapons and abilities. There will be seven playable crews in the Disintegration multiplayer beta (which you can sign up for now) and more at launch.

You choose from a cast of crews that each come with their own name, style, ground crew, strengths and weaknesses, and unique weapons and abilities.

In the above video we’re playing as Tech Noir: a light chassis gravcycle equipped with a long-rage, semi-auto marksman cannon and a repair dart that seeks out teammates and ground crew and repairs them, alongside a ground squad that consists of a bulky rocket-firing Destroyer, a slow-field dispensing Ranger, and an Assassin that can use its disruptor drone to short out enemy gravcycle weapons. I especially like this crew because their long-range and healing support allows you to hold down a point from relative safety while providing pressure and keeping your teammates in the fight.Later this month we’ll be diving into all the crews so you can get an early feel for each one and showing you some tips and strategies with each to prepare for the upcoming multiplayer beta. But for now, enjoy the gameplay, and if you like what you’re seeing be sure to check out a full Disintegration campaign story mission a look at Disintegration’s Black Shuck, the chief antagonist you’ll be getting to know throughout the story.
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