Dead Estate by Milkbar Lads

Dead Estate is a gory, fast-paced top-down shooter/roguelike with a heavy emphasis on Halloween and horror. Ascend four floors of a monster-filled mansion with two different playable characters,  25 different weapons to choose from, and 50 different items to aid you along the way!

Beware of the lurking threats on every floor — some of them are especially persistent. 🐭

…are very basic. Simply use the mouse to aim,

WASD or arrow keys to move,

right clickspaceor Z to jump,

and left click to fire!

Jack (@milkbarjack):  Programming – Game design – Environmental art – Weapon art – Sound effects – Cutscene audio

Major (@Major_Wipeout):  Music composition – Voice acting

Stradomyre (@StradomyreArt):  Cutscene art & animation – Character design & sprite art – Enemy design & sprite art – Thumbnail art

Milkyace (@milkyyace):  Character design – Witch shop menu art

Gel (@GeloxLP):  Environmental art – Item art – Enemy design & sprite art

Loud (@Loudspeaker100):  Enemy design & sprite art

Ico (@0hSynapse):  Voice acting

Spicy (@ThaSpiciest):  Cutscene coloring – Title screen art & animation – Game over screen art & animation – Ending art & animation

By the way, if you wanna support our work please consider purchasing the supporter bundle! It comes with a document containing concept art, designs, sketches, etc. from the game, the game’s source code, AND the game’s soundtrack for only $4.00 USD!

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