Darker by Webster Game Design

Darker by Webster Game Design

Darker is a First-Person horror game. In this game, you play as Parker Jones a man who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). In his past, his other personality, Walker, would go on a murderous rampage killing someone then covering it up so that Parker never knew it happened. Parker has no recollection of these killings when he comes back in control of his body. Everything changes when Parker one day has a blackout and falls into a coma. Parker is now stuck in a dream state where his reality is warped and everyone who Walker killed is out to kill Parker, so he never wakes. It’s up to the player to get Parker out and save him from his demons.

*Disclaimer: This was a student project made over the course of one semester*


Left Mouse Button: Fire Weapon, Interact with Menus 

Scroll Wheel: Change Held Item/Access Inventory Hotbar 

E: Interact 

Q: Access/Close Journal 

R: Reload Weapon 

C: Crouch 

Left Shift: Toggle Sprint 

W/A/S/D: Forward, Left, Right, and Backwards Movement Respectively 

Spacebar: Jump

Justin Bryant – Creative Director and Sound Designer

Meghan Elder – Narrative, Level Designer, UI Artist

Zach Ridings – 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animations, Coding, Environmental Artist & Lighting, Particle Effects

Austan Harris – Coding

Danny Hook – Character Modeler/Rigger, Concept Artist, and Cover Artist

Liam Hanson – 3D Modeling and Environmental Design

Tony Koudys – Level Design and QA

Jasmin Sadikovic – Level Design

Jackson Wright – Coding

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