Dark Hotel by Codeless Man Games

Dark Hotel by Codeless Man Games

About The Game

Dark hotel is a first-person short horror game created by a solo developer. The game takes place in a hotel that is dark enough and creepy. You are completely alone in this hotel but there is something sinister that haunts you. Can you get out of this terrible place before you lose sanity?

The game is inspired by P.T but takes place in a hotel

Average Gameplay Time: 5-10 minutes

The game heavily contains Jumpscares! If you have heart disease, please avoid playing this game.


  • Immersive Graphics that is made with Unreal Engine
  • A dark atmosphere that settled-well lighting
  • Fluent Gameplay

If you liked the game and wanna support the development of the next projects, do consider donating via this site. I appreciate all the supports. 


Interaction: Left Mouse Button

Focus: Scroll Click

P.S. For the best experience wearing headphones is recommended.

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