Dark Fellows by Jade

Dark Fellows by Jade

*Loud noise warning*

The Dark Fellows are already here, hidden in plain sight.

You are awakened by the sound of two distant gunshots, a common noise in the hillside household you live in that is, however, made uncommon by the time of day, or rather, time of night. Wondering why someone is shooting a gun at night, you arise from the sheets and pull yourself into the investigation. Little do you know, the night is far from over…


  • Animated characters
  • Cheesy voice acting (I tried my best)
  • Scary noises
  • Horror

This game was made for the Farewell North Community Game Jam with the theme, Light & Dark. It was rushed during the last few days of the jam but it’s still fairly good, though, so definitely try it out!

Follow me on Twitter! I post my progress on a much more awesome Alaskan horror game called, ‘When Ash Turns to Snow’… it’s to die for.

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