Dark Deception – Gregory Horror Show by Vanderley5974X

“Dark Deception – Gregory Horror Show” is a fangame based on both “Dark Deception”, AND a fanmade sequel of the game “Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector”!
The general premise of the story is that you, the protagonist, after escaping Gregory’s hotel, have returned after your passing. Your soul wanders inside the hotel only to meet with Gregory. He takes you to your room and locks you inside, there is nothing else for you to do but go to sleep… You then meet with Death again in your dreams, however he doesn’t seem to reconize you.

He makes you a deal: If you free all of the souls on the hotel, he’ll give you another chance at living, and will show you the way to escape the hotel!

So… Will you be brave enough to survive? Or will your soul get trapped in this hotel forever? It’s your choice, and you get to live with it.

Install instructions

How to open the game: 

1.Open up the downloaded file with WinRar

2.Take all the files inside of it and put it inside of a folder

3.Open up “Dark Deception – Gregory Horror Show”

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