Cyberjunk 2020 by neenaw

Cyberjunk 2020 by neenaw

This game has no story or objective. It is just a small sandbox game that I made for my Masters. The goal was to provide lots of functionality, and it was made in 3 months.

How It’s Made

Cyberjunk 2020 is a third-person shooter set in a futuristic, dystopian, open-world. The player can engage enemies in combat, and recruit allies to join the fight. The player can talk to characters using the dialogue system and discover in game objectives through conversing with occupants of the city. There are vehicles scattered across the world which the player can commandeer, whilst the allies occupy the passenger seats. The companions can be ordered to attack enemies, or told to stop and wait. Cyberjunk also incorporates a large variety of weapons which can be managed via the player inventory. This game was created using Unity and a game creation tool called Game Kit Controller.

How To Play

Key Action
W A S D Move forward, left, backwards and right.
Space Jump
Shift Hold to run
Left Mouse Button Shoot
Right Mouse Button Aim down sights
Number keys Change weapon
Tab Show weapon wheel
Q Melee attack
R Reload
E Interaction
T Pickup / putdown trash bags
Y Holster weapon
N Drop current weapon
I Inventory
K Orders (Command AI)

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