Crystal Chaos by It Works! (Kinda) Studios

Crystal Chaos by It Works! (Kinda) Studios



Explore uncharted caves filled with mysterious glowing crystals. Solve obstacles to continue higher into the cave. Gather notes left by your partner to lead you through an immersive journey into Crystal Chaos!

Awoken in the bottom of a cave pit, you have lost all contact with your partner who had gone ahead in the journey. Luckily, your partner has left you notes here and there to guide you through the rigorous path ahead.

Your job is to get through each obstacle using the supernatural powers each crystal possess when light is shined directly onto it. Don’t forget though, your flashlight runs out of battery charge and you must find resources to charge it back up.

Players will have to manage their flashlight battery charge in order to complete the different platforming events in the game. Watching your step and using your head is key to surviving and escaping the cave.

Oh! And try not to die too much.



  • Flash light – Use your flashlight to activate dormant crystals
  • White crystals – Used to unlock doors leading further into the cave
  • Yellow crystals – Used to bounce light into another direction
  • Red crystals – Blows up into a fiery explosion once activated
  • Purple crystals – Grows in size once activated
  • Environment traps – Hidden environmental traps that activate once the player fulfills a condition



Kylin Snowden

Miguel Atienza

Luke Farmer

Collin Drilling

Sai Prapanch Adloor

*5 students at SCAD created within 10 weeks

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