Count Together by Ambient Melancholy


Is a game about counting together with up to 10 people!

You can count online with friends, random people or just by yourself.


– Count all the passing creatures – 

– Start with 10 HP, loose HP for each wrong count, you faint out at zero –

– If you play with others you can get resurrected by doing a perfect count! –

– Push each other higher on the leaderboards! This is a cooperative game! –

– Daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards to aim towards something each time you play! –

– Have fun! –



Join the community to make some friends and play together!


This game is inspired by the mini-game Streaming Stampede from Pokemon Stadium 2!

Music from NASH music library


The game can be played in 16 different languages, but that was just a test of how to use localization. The translations are nothing more than google translate so really sorry that I butchered your language. If you wanna give the right translations come over to discord so we can translate your language correctly.

This game is in very early access so if you encounter bugs and wanna give feedback, come over on discord so we can fix and make the game better together <3

Link Source: Click Here