COEXIST FOREVER by zyo sylver

COEXIST FOREVER by zyo sylver


This game does not follow the lore of HAACHAMA. This is a spinoff with my own personal twist, please don’t take the game and story too seriously. Thank you for checking my game out


COEXIST FOREVER????????????????????????????

The game is free of charge, you can skip the donations but you are welcomed to donate any amount.


COEXIST FOREVER is a fan made game created under a week by zyo sylver for submission to HAACHAMA HORROR CONTEST on 28/2/21

I just made a discord server, let’s talk about hololive! I will post game development too
ディスコードサーバーを作りました。 ホロライブの話をしよう!

In this horror platformer game you play as Akai Haato, venturing into the unknown land. Everything was peaceful until the world turned upside down. What is happening? Who is causing this?

That’s for you to find out…


Game Inspiration:

Programming: zyo sylver

Art: zyo sylver

Several Sound Effects and Voice Lines: zyo sylver


Holo Bass – Pepeloni

Haachama – Crimson Heart (Akai Haato – Red Heart boss theme) by Lordmev

This non-commerical fan game is a derivative work of Cover Corp’s Hololive property. This game is made under Cover Corp’s Derivative Work License Agreement and is neither endorsed or affiliated with Cover Corp. zyo sylver does not claim any ownership of the Hololive property.

All videos were taken from and are owned by the official Hololive and hololive member channels.

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