Clucky’s Picnic Adventure [Horror] by HawkSandwich

(Video from Alpha Beta Gamer)

Thanks for trying out my game. If you like it, please follow the development on Feedback will be greatly appreciated and in my eyes this game is far from finished. More is to come, if people like it 🙂


You come home to find this note:

Entertaining your son’s request, you try to beat the game for him.

But the game turns out to be cursed, and the characters come to life
in search of players’ souls.


-The goal of this game is to beat “Clucky’s Picnic Adventure” on the in-game
videogame console.

-You MUST barricade doors before Clucky starts coming for you. Do this by placing

objects in front of a door.

-You can kill Clucky using bear traps.

-Clucky will always return to his dimension after a certain amount of time.


-Walk with the W,A,S,D keys

-Look around using the mouse

-Pick up objects using Left Mouse Button (LMB)

-Interact with special objects (bear traps, etc.) using RMB

    -Object must not be held, otherwise it will be thrown.

Install instructions

1. Download the given file

2. Unzip using an archiver (WinRAR, 7zip, etc.)

3. Run “Clucky’s Picnic Adventure.exe”

Link Source: Click Here