City of Scrap by GogglesKitty, CinemA113, Aeon

City of Scrap by GogglesKitty, CinemA113, Aeon

City of Scrap is a 2D exploration and combat based game demo set in a ruined city overrun by rogue robots. You play as Scrap, a modular combat robot sent to the city to discover the root of the problem and deal with the malfunctioning robots.


  • 2 Unique Areas to Explore
  • A Variety of Upgrades to Find Hidden Throughout the World
  • 2 Devilish Bosses to Dismantle
  • 6 Types of Enemies to Shred to Scrap


  • A and D move Left and Right.
  • Space jumps. (Once you have the upgrade!)
  • J shoots your equipped weapon.
  • W and S aim your arm cannon Up or Down when shooting.
  • I and K let you aim Diagonally Up and Down.
  • U shoots the grapple (Once you have the upgrade!), which is aimed using the same buttons as the arm cannon.
  • E lets you interact with interact-able object.
  • Tab opens the Modules menu, where you can swap out your equipped weapon by navigating the menu with W and S. Pressing Tab again closes it again.
  • Escape pauses the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can open doors by shooting at them or walking up and pressing ‘E’!
  • Any enemies with green armor or doors with green lights can’t be damaged or opened with your basic Steam Shooter. They require you to use the Scrap Cannon!
  • You’ll need to backtrack through previously explored areas in order to progress at some points. If you’re stuck and think you’ve explored everything, try returning to an area you’ve been to before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be controller support?

A: Yes! Controller support is not fully implemented at the moment, so trying to use one isn’t recommended yet.

Q: Can I rebind the controls?

A: Not currently, but we plan to allow you to do so in the future. The default control scheme is listed above and can also be found in the Settings menu! 

Q: Are any other resolutions supported?

A: Not yet, the game only supports 1920×1080 at the moment. We’ll provide more options in the future.

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