Chunker by SHIFTRICK

 Bullet hell Top-viewed 2D Roguelite! ‘CHUNKER’ 

Chunker is an intense dungeon crawling bullet hell roguelite where you control a deformable blue-skinned creature that was abandoned in a dangerous underground world.    

Key features 

  • Hack and Slash! Top-Down View Action Bullet Shooting Game 
  • Infinite multiplication of skill! Randomly acquired skill + passive combination   
  • Roguelite game that change terrain and conditions
  • Become stronger! Unlock new items and skills with accumulated money. 


The character has blue skin and red arms.
The blue skin expresses the cold skin condition that came to life just before death, and the red arm means the body, the cells that were altered by the experiment.

Skill & Action 

A chunker can combine up to hundreds of different combinations of attacks, depending on what is acquired in combination. Basic attack weapons are largely classified as tentacles, swords, lasers, and guns, and if passive skills are acquired at random and combined infinitely, they can be transformed, strengthened and expanded to allow you to enjoy a variety of different and different battles. 


Creatures  used in biopsy carried out by humans…
Mutations no longer worth experimenting on,
They call it ‘Chunker.’

The chunkers that no longer have value in use are treated as medical waste. It is badly dumped in the basement drain of the lab.

This basement is full of human waste and waste.
Humans destroy the environment and release contaminated water through pipes.
All living things underground are becoming mutants.

“Where am I from? And who am I…”

The chunker opens his eyes from a pile of garbage in the basement of the abandoned lab……
Will he be able to escape this dark and cruel underground world? ..

Enjoy the fun of a bullet hell action shooting games that shoot and avoid enemies who attack indiscriminately in top-down views. 

How to Access the Chunker’s Demo

There are two ways to access demo.   
1.Download here ‘’ now!
Access with Steam Key!

About demo contents  

– Tutorial Stage
– Hospital B1F stage
* Game Installation -> Tutorial -> Go to Dungeon. 
* Two types of hidden dungeons (mini-games) can be experienced randomly. 
* Language: English and Korean are available. 
  The English version may still be a bit tough to translate.
* The balance of the demo version may be different from the live server in the future.  

 Welcome to dangerous underground! 

  Hello, We are shiftrick, indie game developer. The chunker is currently in the early stages of development with a demo build ready. Through this demo , we want to hear your feedback!   We can’t hope for anything more if you enjoy chunker for just 10 minutes.  Thank you.  

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