Cabin by RBD Interactive, Creepy Rebel

Cabin is a short horror story,  take part in the first person perspective.

— Information —

Game-play length is only 3 to 5 mins

A Exe is available to download for full-screen play with 3 graphic options Low, Medium and High

Cabin is the first story to start off our new series “Horror Mins Interactive”, a collection of short story games

Your feedback if any will help us shape the next horror story

The Team

David Martinez | Code, Modeling, Animation

Junior Amaris | Modeling

Stephan Bester | Music

@Darketh Elderbore | Voice

Zachary Klegon | Animation

CreepyRebel | Graphic Design

Paulo Meneguetti | Concept Art

@PlasticCogLiquid | Sound | Instagram | Twitter

Link Source: Click Here