Bunker 4 by Max Proton

Bunker 4 by Max Proton

Bunker 4 is a horror game, originally created for a game jam. You play the part of a paranormal investigator, locked in a chalet overnight to observe the activity’s of a so called ‘bodyless head’ which has been seen by workers building the bunkers. Unknown to you, they have unlocked evil within.

This game contains interactive elements clicking on some objects will cause a reaction. Further more some seats can be sat in press ‘m’ to try them out. These are particularly good for observing unusual goings on.  

You can play the game as long as you want, there are a few hidden things to look out for. There is no ‘happy ending’ as of yet. Needs more work, but for now enjoy this early release. 

Be warned if you are easily freaked out perhaps take this game on in a light room, in the presents of others. Its designed to psychologically scare you. 

Install instructions

Unpack the zip file into a folder of your choice. 

Run Bunker 4.exe

** Note – Some anti virus and windows defender is likely to complain, just click run anyway. Or don’t but then you cant play the if you dont. ** 

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