BreakOut! by RealmOfHuai

BreakOut! by RealmOfHuai

BreakOut! is a small game my friend and I made in 6 months for our school module. This is also my very first game we made! Enjoy!

Synopsis: You are about to get executed. However, you manage to break out. Will you escape alive? or will you meet your death…


Game developed by Lee Wu Huai (RealmOfHuai) and Nigel Goh
Wu Huai – Character Artist, Visual Scripting, Animation, Sound Design
Nigel – Environment Artist, Level Design, Lighting
Music – Eric Matyas

Made with Unreal Engine 4

Known Bugs:
1. Enemy will be stuck at some area randomly ( hopefully it wont be stuck for your run )
2. If you die, there’s a chance you cant click on anything

p.s. We are animation students, so this is wu huai’s first time using ue4 to script the game XD

Link Source: Click Here